O Reiki Usui

History of Usui Reiki

Japanese born Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926) rediscovered the art of Reiki through his quest for enlightenment. Searching for the path to learn healing techniques he journeyed to many places. He eventually found a place to meditate, fast and pray for many days. He found the enlightenment he was searching for in the form of reiki healing. He came back and helped many people. He started teaching the way of reiki to people so they too could pass on the healing practice. For more reading on Dr. Usui and more detail of how reiki began go to The Thirsty Soul and to Reiki Light for more reading.

The correct way for reiki to be learned is for a teacher to show you the way and attune you to the energy needed. Attunement in reiki terms just means becoming more aware and receptive to the energies. This is done in levels. Usui reiki has three levels that are taught and attuned.

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